Through the Eyes of a Survivor

So it’s almost human trafficking awareness week at Elon University and one of the things that’s happening is a video contest. I made a documentary about human trafficking for one of my classes a couple semesters ago so I decided to re-edit some of that video into a short PSA-like clip as my contest entry.  I’ve called it ‘Through the Eyes of a Survivor.’ Basically it is the story of Holly Lloyd, a former victim of human trafficking who shares her experience on what it is like being a modern day slave.


Saving WIC

This summer, I had a video internship in Washington DC where I was making videos for a progressive think tank. What I liked about the experience was that it gave me the opportunity to have creative freedom and control over my projects: I chose the subject, conducted the necessary pre-production and research, went out and interviewed various people and then came back to do editing on Final Cut.

One of the videos I made was a piece that explored the adverse affects of cutting government funding to the anti-aid poverty program WIC, which provides nutritional assistance to low income mothers and their families. This was my favorite piece I worked on this summer, and it even got mentioned in the Washington Post!

Link to Washington Post Article.

Drive Away

My video follows the story of a girl driving down a long, straight road, remembering the memories she has with the man she loves.  You hear her thoughts as she is driving, and are led to believe she is mad at him for ‘leaving’ her on their anniversary.  At the end, you realize she is not really angry, but upset and grieving because he died on their anniversary.