Congressional Secretary

Bernice Pruitt, a resident of Burlington, NC was a congressional secretary during her younger years.  I interviewed her for a story in the Pendulum.  Here’s the video I did.

The Arizonian palm tree outside the window is trying to kill us… this is not real life

We left Burbank, CA today and headed for North Carolina.   As we packed our bags for Elon, many of us were imagining where we would be this weekend; sleeping in our dorm beds, hanging out with boyfriends/girlfriends, catching up on our insane amounts of work, going to interviews.   Little did we know we were in the middle of the worst storm in the West coast for 50 years and that this would affect our flying schedule. 

We got on a plane from Burbank to Phoenix, Arizona.  From Phoenix we were to take a flight to Raleigh, NC.  I guess God had other plans.  Our flight to NC was cancelled because of the high winds weather conditions.  Later flights heading to NC only had a few available seats and since our professors did not want us to be sent over in groups or pairs, those flights were not feasible options for the 15 of us.  The earliest flight we could get leaves at 4:30 on Sunday afternoon.  We were disappointed and frustrated to realise it would be longer than anticipated before we were able to get back.  

So we ended up renting another van and booking another hotel here in Phoenix for 3 days.  The room I am sharing with my friends Alex Johnston and Rebecca Smith is very nice.  BUT there is a palm tree right outside my window that is swaying violently in the stormy winds.  I think it’s going to crash into the room and kill me in the middle of the night.  Also, there is a streetlamp that is giving off lots of bright gold sparks.  This concerns me greatly.