Saving WIC

This summer, I had a video internship in Washington DC where I was making videos for a progressive think tank. What I liked about the experience was that it gave me the opportunity to have creative freedom and control over my projects: I chose the subject, conducted the necessary pre-production and research, went out and interviewed various people and then came back to do editing on Final Cut.

One of the videos I made was a piece that explored the adverse affects of cutting government funding to the anti-aid poverty program WIC, which provides nutritional assistance to low income mothers and their families. This was my favorite piece I worked on this summer, and it even got mentioned in the Washington Post!

Link to Washington Post Article.


Being an Intern This Summer….

Was very cool.  I had never had an internship before and was worried about being able to land a good one. Considering I ended up working 10 weeks for an Emmy Award winning TV production company, I’d say I did pretty well.

I started my first week or so being very nervous.  I had no idea what to expect.  I did whatever I could, and offered my services to anyone around me.  Eventually, I fell into a regular pattern of conducting a lot of research for new show ideas, and doing lots of office duties like answering phone calls, delivering faxes, making copies, etc.  Whenever I could, I asked questions about the business aspect of production, things like that.

Most importantly, I made relationships with people.  I learnt how to balance friendliness with professionalism.  On my last day as an intern, (I was so sad to leave!), the office told me they’d be happy to give me work references in the future. They also bought me lunch and even gave me a cupcake in appreciation of my work for the summer!

Internship – Corporate Office

Today was my first internship day with Magical Elves at their penthouse corporate office.  I successfully managed to knock down a huge pile of paper submissions, my food from lunch, and the receptionist’s plastic holding trays.  Guess it was pointless trying to keep my clumsiness a secret for long!

When I got back to the apartment, me and my suitemate Lauren went for a walk down Hollywood Boulevard.

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First Day of Internship

I didn’t die on the freeway.  That was the first major accomplishment for me.  I have to say, I was a little terrified to be driving out there because I’d always heard how awful Los Angeles traffic was.  I didn’t think it was AS bad as everyone said it was though.  Yes, there are a lot more cars but it’s basically the same as any other freeway I’ve ever been on.

I got to the Magical Elves’ production office in time to start my work in the morning.  Everyone was so nice to me.  I like that it was an easygoing first day.  I basically just helped out with the reception and the casting office most of the day, typing up information onto the computer database.  It was simple work but it definitely gave me a lot to do for many hours!  Unfortunately, there are no pictures today.  I didn’t take pics at my internship place because I signed a confidentiality agreement and I didn’t really have the guts to ask if picture-taking was acceptable.

I have an internship!!

Wooo!! So I’ve just secured a great internship opportunity in LA.  I will be working with Magical Elves this summer, a production company that focuses on reality tv.  They’ve produced top-notch shows like Project Runway and Top Chef.  I will be doing the usual intern stuff-office work and whatnot-but I’m sure I’ll learn a lot and I’m really excited for what the future may bring!