Saving WIC

This summer, I had a video internship in Washington DC where I was making videos for a progressive think tank. What I liked about the experience was that it gave me the opportunity to have creative freedom and control over my projects: I chose the subject, conducted the necessary pre-production and research, went out and interviewed various people and then came back to do editing on Final Cut.

One of the videos I made was a piece that explored the adverse affects of cutting government funding to the anti-aid poverty program WIC, which provides nutritional assistance to low income mothers and their families. This was my favorite piece I worked on this summer, and it even got mentioned in the Washington Post!

Link to Washington Post Article.


A Day in DC

Yesterday, my friend Alex and I took a day trip to DC and walked around the National Mall.  It was nice to go back to DC because I actually had time to admire the sights, unlike the first time I came to the nation’s capital, when I had to document an internet governance forum.

We visited the different museums of the Smithsonian institution, starting with the National Gallery of Art, which is where I took a few of these pics I’ve posted.  We also went to the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument/Reflecting Pool.  It was a lot of fun!