Wedding in Burlington, NC

Shot and edited this video over the weekend.


Congressional Secretary

Bernice Pruitt, a resident of Burlington, NC was a congressional secretary during her younger years.  I interviewed her for a story in the Pendulum.  Here’s the video I did.

Red Wall

After much searching, me and my partner in crime, Alex Johnston, finally found the infamous Red Wall.  this magic wall instantly makes ordinary pictures into something fantastic.  I took some of my best pics ever at this wall, and the area surrounding it.  

What’s that? Published in the Times-News? That would be me. Oh yeah!

Ahhhh!!! Yesterday, the article I wrote on the 50/50 film festival for the student newspaper got published in the local newspaper!  I’m so happy and proud about it! Here’s the link to it!  I love that it says “Times-News correspondent” next to my name.  Sounds so spiffy, doesn’t it? =D The link is below!