Wedding in Burlington, NC

Shot and edited this video over the weekend.


Promotional Internship Video

Over the summer, I had the opportunity to make a promotional video at my internship about the overall internship program.

Video Resume

Laura Wylie, a senior education major, approached me at the end of last semester to make a video resume for her in her application for a school job she was considering. I was more than happy to help her.

Can’t read my, can’t read my, no he can’t read my…poker fingers?

I took a class called Editing the Moving Image this semester and the first video assignment we had was to edit footage (and sync up all the audio which had been recorded separately) to a short film noir piece called “Poker Fingers.” The film was originally shot as a project between Elon University students and faculty and a production crew in Yanceyville studio.

Mini Cooper Ad

For my TV production class, we were given the assignment to create sound for a 30 second Mini Cooper car commercial.  We had to get all the necessary sound effects and make our own music from Soundtrack Pro.  I got the inspiration for my edited piece from the car chase scene in Bourne Identity, where Matt Damon is racing away as fast as he can in a tiny red car to get away from the bad guys.


Alex Trice goes down…

Some people don’t realise how dangerous multimedia journalism can be. Especially when you’re the online editor of your school newspaper, and you’re down on the stadium field, filming the football game.  You’re so focused on your shot, disaster can strike you unexpectedly. See case in point…

Photo Story Video

This photo story is the result of my curiousity. I live off campus this year, right next to Domino’s Pizza, and noticed how it was always open late at night. I decided to pay a visit and see if there was a story there.