So I’ve heard about this photo editing app that is supposed to be a simpler, cheaper version of Photoshop. Since it was on sale for only $14.99, I decided to give it a try. I used it to stylize an engagement picture I shot for my friend’s upcoming nuptials and was happy with the end result. See below for the picture in question. A few more sample photographs will be added to my wedding/engagement section under the “Photography” tab later this week after I’ve had the chance to edit some more shots. 


Through the Eyes of a Survivor

So it’s almost human trafficking awareness week at Elon University and one of the things that’s happening is a video contest. I made a documentary about human trafficking for one of my classes a couple semesters ago so I decided to re-edit some of that video into a short PSA-like clip as my contest entry.  I’ve called it ‘Through the Eyes of a Survivor.’ Basically it is the story of Holly Lloyd, a former victim of human trafficking who shares her experience on what it is like being a modern day slave.

Saving WIC

This summer, I had a video internship in Washington DC where I was making videos for a progressive think tank. What I liked about the experience was that it gave me the opportunity to have creative freedom and control over my projects: I chose the subject, conducted the necessary pre-production and research, went out and interviewed various people and then came back to do editing on Final Cut.

One of the videos I made was a piece that explored the adverse affects of cutting government funding to the anti-aid poverty program WIC, which provides nutritional assistance to low income mothers and their families. This was my favorite piece I worked on this summer, and it even got mentioned in the Washington Post!

Link to Washington Post Article.

Back to School!

Hello everyone!

After a very long summer hiatus where I was busy working at a video internship for the Center for American Progress, it’s time to head back to university to finish my last year of undergraduate studies. I cannot believe I’m a senior already! I realise there is still so much I need to accomplish/learn this year including:

1) Becoming familiar with Avid
2) Becoming familiar with Final Cut X
3) Becoming familiar with ProTools
4) Becoming familiar with After Effects
5) Improving my photography/getting quality stills to put together for a portfolio
6) Creating an impressive demo reel to show to prospective employers
7) Producing AT LEAST 3 personal video projects: an experimental “sensory” video, a narrative film that’s been in my mind for weeks and an interesting documentary on something. There’s a lot of preparation needed for all of this-but hopefully I can get all of this done!

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Experimenting with Design

The flyer below is the first time I have had to design a flyer.  Working under a speedy deadline, I used Photoshop to create this flyer that was being sent out for a fundraiser in New York to support rural health in Jamkhed India. While I realise this is by no means a work of art, I don’t think this is too bad for my first time, either.

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Video Resume

Laura Wylie, a senior education major, approached me at the end of last semester to make a video resume for her in her application for a school job she was considering. I was more than happy to help her.